New published : (t)RPG Map Making tool

I published the tool to create dungeon map which can be used by Dodontof (*1), etc.
Even if you don’t have Photoshop, You can make a map like this movie.

*1 Dodontof is Japanese tool to play D&D4 online.
For test, you can do in here : (Formal Dodontof Server:Room 0) (Mr.Raa’s dodontof : room 0)
You can play D&D4 with a browser.
It’s very convenient although never supported in English.

[Download URL is]
Stable version(1.011) is :
Latest Developing version(1.022) is :

Screen Shot is in here:

You can make map for playing (T)RPG easily!

How to use this tool :

  1. Download Map chip Material( for example: in here *2 )
  2. Execute this tool and choose New to create map
  3. Make Layer to choose “Add” button
  4. Push file’s […] button and select material
  5. dialog to choose mapchip is shown. Select mapchip you want to use
  6. Edit your map

Shade is attached automatically! You don’t have to worry about making map.
You can use this tool like paint tool.(*3) So you can make beautiful map easily!

Let’s download this tool and have fun!

*2 :
This material can be freely used, as long as you are an individual (not for company)
And there is no necessity to display a license or a credit.


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